Friday, September 19, 2008

WA Voters Better Wise Up!

by Lynn Harsh, Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Let's appears lawmakers will have $530 million fewer dollars to spend next year, raising the projected state budget deficit for the next two years to $3.2 billion.

Governor Gregoire has put her foot down. She insists that officials in her budget office find $200 million in savings. That's $200 million plus the $90 million she mentioned last month.

Math doesn't appear to be her strong suit, at least not during the election season. What do you want to bet that a deficit reduction will be the sum of increased taxes plus new regulatory fees, if she get re-elected?

In fact, we seem to have elected a whole slew of math-deficient, weak-kneed politicians in this country. The latest actions by elected officials at the federal level now have a government running the world's largest hedge fund and one of the world's largest insurance companies...with our money!

We voters had better wise up.

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