Monday, September 1, 2008

Day One Convention Adjourned

Right after Laura Bush and Cindy McCain left the convention floor the convention was abruptly adjourned. Then began the mass exit from the Building. I had to desperately look for a WA state guest to follow.

Our delegation was assigned bus 21 at the red exit. Now finding that was easier said than done. Thankfully I found other WA guests to follow down from the 200 level to the red exit, and eventually to our bus.

I tried to coordinate with Luanne by phone which was a bit tricky. She inadvertently became separated from her group and was on her own to find our bus in an incredible sea of people. I was able by phone to tell her to go to red 21 bus.

She was first given bad directions and headed off in the exact opposite direction. By the time she realized it she was completely on the wrong side of the Xcel Center and had a significant walk back. I waited for her at the bus.

We had to wait three buses before we were able to load. By the time we were on board we were very thankful to be together, and on our way back to our hotel.

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