Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Connecticut Delegation Assaulted

We personally have been very well insulated from the anarchist's and anti-war left, with the exception of our one delegate bus hit by a sand bag en route to the Xcel Center on the first day. Apart from that we have not physically seen them, and have just barely heard them.

The sad story is about the Connecticut delegates who were brutally and senselessly assaulted.

Shouting foul-mouthed slogans and carrying "Obama" signs the 100-plus thugs tried to tear the credentials from around the neck of the oldest member of the delegation Fred Biebel, age 83. They tore from his neck the credentials needed to get into the convention.

The police were called and arrested some of the assailants. His credentials were eventually recovered from them and returned to him.

Others had chlorox and water bottles tossed at them as their delegation tried to enter the convention center.

"Women and older delegates were the targets of these creeps," delegate Mike Garrett reported.

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