Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The "After, After" Event

After an eventful cab ride back to our Minneapolis hotel we pondered whether to attempt finding the "Huck" event.

Mike Huckabee's band Capitol Offense was performing at the Spin Nightclub which was very near our hotel. We had wanted to go, but decided instead to call it a night...until Doug Roulstone met us at the elevator and convinced us to check it out with him. What a great idea this turned out to be.

It is really quite amazing that we even got in. It was said to be a ticketed event...with no more tickets available. We were never asked for tickets. Entrance bands were placed on our wrists and we were in.

The place was packed and the band playing when we got there. We wove our way thru the crowd and ended up in a prime spot on the upper level looking right down on the band.

It was just great fun with great music. We had a blast! Huck played base guitar and was really enjoying himself.

At one point there was an impromptu auction of a one-of-a-kind tie signed by Huck and the band. Doug enthusiastically bid for it....and won!

But the best part for me was when country music sensation Joe Nichols showed up at the event, went on stage and sang with the band. Oh my ever lovin' word! So fine.

The numbers two-zero-zero were on the clock when we got back to our room.


Anonymous said...

No wonder you didn't post last night after the convention. I waited for your thoughts, but should have known you'd be out partying! You're both such party animals, especially Luanne, I know how she loves those late nights:-)

Seriously, how fun was that. I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy this experience together.


Stacy Van Werven said...

Oh my Cindy! You are very funny! Joe Nichols is very good looking.....or FINE! =) Love it!! Love, Stacy

3 little and 2 big liks said...

my dear cindy-
you party animal you!!! i knew you had it in you!! :) sounds like you are having a wonderful time...everytime the convention comes up on t.v., i search for the sign saying, "HI TO MY MOST FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD,TRACI LIKKEL, IN LYNDEN, WASHINGTON", which i'm SURE you have been carrying around for the past 3 days! :)
we miss you over here. not much new and exciting. we just got home from mom's for dinner. the usual, noisey group. wasn't the same without you. looking forward to hearing all about your travels! thanks for the updates!
loving you from home,
trac- :)