Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two Must Reads

I have just posted two must read articles on our Washington Eagle Forum web page under Hot Topics. Don't miss The Left's Worst Nightmare by Tara Tedrow and Plenty of Palins by Mac Johnson.

Here's and excerpt from Plenty of Palins:

John McCain’s pick of the young outsider Sarah Palin as his running mate has proven to be one of the most successful gambles in modern politics. It has brought tremendous energy to McCain’s campaign and millions of voters instinctively identify with Palin and her family-oriented, working class roots.

Palin seems a wonderful return to the days of Harry Truman or even Andrew Jackson, when America’s anti-elitist electorate picked rough-hewn, plainspoken leaders from out of their own ranks and sent them to Washington to raise hell.

The pick makes believable McCain’s pledge to bring real change to Washington, and it has thus severely blunted the shallow appeal of philosophical featherweight Barack Obama -- who had little to offer America other than a lyrical mantra of unspecified change...

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