Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life of the Party

Definitely the best party around was the Phyllis Schlafly's National Republican Coalition for Life Party which started this afternoon at 4 pm. Many Washington State delegates were there to support the most important cause of life.

What a highlight! This standing-room-only party was the most impressive convention related event I've been to yet. What a thrill!

Months ago RNC Life had secured guest speaker and award recipient Gov Sarah Palin. Phyllis is always cutting edge. Before I left Washington I heard she indeed would be attending this event. We were beyond excited.

Apparently things fell thru late last evening and regrettably she was not able to come.

The media absolutely swarmed there. We arrive a half hour before the event began. Phyllis was surrounded by reporters giving one interview after another. Major Media cameras were set up inside. The mood of the crowd was exuberant.

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