Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life of the Party Protest Video

RNC Life has posted this link to a video clip showing some of the protester antics from yesterday.


Deni Starbuck said...

Cindy - thanks for all details - I appreciate your information each day. Deni

T182 said...

Hey Cindy!

We're here at grandma's catching up on your blog. Everyone's been reading it, so keep up the great work! I've been keeping your blog page open on my desk at work and refreshing it when I pass by

Right now, Greta and Shana are watching Sara's speach... Britt and I are eating Ice crean. Are you taking a lot of video and if so, can I edit it for you?


Your favorite Nephew

k.a.e. said...

Hi Cindy~
I was able to catch up on your blog tonight~
We are living it with you dahrlin'
praying for your 'amazing' days~~

k.a.e. said...

I just saw Luanne on National Television!!!!!!Luanne your smile was amazing~you were so in your element!!! That was a highlight!!!
Proud of you Luanne!
Love Kay and John