Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guest of Honor

The room exploded when our special fill-in guest Laura Ingraham was introduced by Phyllis Schlafly. And then she brot down the house with a most powerful message taking head-on every attack of the hyperventilating left and radical feminists.

She boldly urged us to call the "reproductive justice" they champion what it is - the killing of pre-born babies. She said the cause of life is the dividing line in our culture today. Bristol Palin chose life in a very difficult circumstance, and they can't deal with it.

Laura said that Sarah might not know a lot about raising large amounts of money from wealthy people, or about the best places to dine in Manhattan, or about spa vacation resorts... but what she does know is what the American people believe in, what they hope for, dream of, and what they work hard for.

Laura was a great fill in for Sarah Palin and no one could be disappointed by the passionate, upbeat message she delivered with very little notice.

Phyllis then spoke about RNC Life's successful work in once again preserving the pro-life plank in the Republican platform. Not only was is preserved but it was actually strengthened making this the most pro-life ever.

Then Gary Bauer spoke very eloquently of the value of every human life. He then addressed the press calling it "a new low in tabloid media to use a 17 year old pregnant teenager to pummel her mother politically."

Minnesota Senator Michelle Bachman also spoke and is another powerful pro-life voice for us in Washington DC. Here's a tip: keep your eye on this woman.

And what would a pro-life event be with out a few feminists. There were two incidents when female protesters walked on stage with signs and tried to take Phyllis's place at the podium. Phyllis so calmly - and with her classy signature grin - simply took their signs and covered the mic till security could remove them.

At one point the people helped Phyllis by simply singing God Bless America over the attempted rudeness of these protesters.

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Thanks for sharing the interesting details of your busy days - fun to keep track of you!