Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Washington State Democrats M.O. for this Legislative Session

First day of our state's legislative session and Democrats are sticking by what appears to be their modus operandi for this session: call a new tax anything but a tax - a bond, a fee - then wrap in neatly in some pleasant words about "creating thousands of jobs" and the people will not even catch that it's really a tax.

Yesterday Democrat House Speaker Frank Chopp called our state's business climate one of the best in the country, and then promoted an $850 million bond proposal for energy upgrades at schools claiming that would create thousands of jobs in Washington State.

Perhaps that would fly when citizens were not aware, but everything is different now at the grassroots level. Citizens are watching.

Not only are they watching but they are alert to the fact that the money in their paycheck is being eyed by Democrats who, having already overspent with their money, are now posturing for even more.

Cleverly disguising taxes will not work this session. We're on to you.

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