Friday, January 8, 2010

Democrats Stimulating Higher Unemployment

According to numbers released by the Labor Department this morning, our economy has lost another 85,000 jobs in December and the unemployment rate remains a staggering 10%. A long way from where Democrat leadership said we would be after their $787 billion economic "stimulus" bill was signed into law last February.

Even still, Democrats in Congress continue to advance a financially reckless liberal agenda that includes higher taxes, more spending, more government bailouts and takeovers, and rising deficits and debt. For instance, Democrats are now meeting behind closed doors to negotiate a final health care bill, contemplating raising taxes on the middle-class.

This is not the formula for economic recovery and job creation. The Democrats’ plans have failed and we need a new direction and it starts with tax relief for working families and small businesses and fiscal discipline in Washington. Americans can no longer afford the status quo.

- Rep. Michelle Bachmann

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