Wednesday, January 20, 2010

March for Life in Olympia

by Jerry Cornfield

At least 5,000 people squeezed onto the steps of the state Capitol for the annual March for Life.

Men, women, students and infants traveled from all parts of the state to participate in what is typically one of the largest ralllies - if not the largest - held during a legislative session.

Those attending cheered loudest for calls to end legal abortion and applauded warmly for state lawmakers, most of whom began their remarks by describing themselves as unashamedly pro-life.

Several lawmakers urged the crowd into action against Senate Bill 6452 and a companion bill in the House dealing with information provided by workers of crisis pregnancy centers to women considering abortion.

The legislation restricts what information can be collected from and shared with women who come to the centers and lays out penalties for violations. Sponsors have said their intent is to stop the flow of medically inaccurate information to those who come to the centers.

State Sen. Val Stevens, R-Arlington, was one of several lawmakers decrying the bill as an attempt to put the centers out of existence.

"We must stop this legislation," she said.

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