Thursday, January 14, 2010

The "Simple Majority" Plot to Raise Your Taxes

She has values! In fact,our Governor believes it is her moral duty to raise your taxes to fill the gap left by unrestrained Democrat spending.

The only problem is the people, took the government in their own hands by the initiative process and tied the Democrats to the weight of a 2/3 majority vote to raise taxes with I-960.

What's a Governor and her Democrat majority in Olympia to do? Well, they have a plan. Of course they do:

Governor Gregoire released her initial balanced budget that closed the $2.6 billion budget gap facing the state last month as she was legally obligated. However, she said she would have problems following through with cuts that would impact health and social services and student financial aid, among other things.

She aims to buy back $750 million worth of programs with new revenues.

“The revenue will come from new federal dollars, new taxes or both,” Gregoire said during her state-of-the-state address Tuesday. “Like you, I do not want taxes to harm the economic recovery of our families or our businesses. But I also cannot abandon my values, eliminate the safety net for our most needy and cripple our economic future.”

The governor is expected to detail how she plans to bring back programs in a tax package that will be released later this week.

Republicans have said they won’t support any budget that calls on tax increases.

A two-thirds vote would be required to pass a tax increase, but Democrats have discussed suspending the initiative requiring a two-thirds vote so a simple majority would pass any new taxes.
By Marqise Allen

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