Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tax At Your Own Peril

Democrats are hearing that you will "accept" their plan to tax you more.

Chris Grygiel's blog in the P.I. reports the following:

$8 billion state budget deficit has left lawmakers with two unattractive options - cut programs or raise taxes.

A new Elway Poll suggests at least 50 percent of voters would favor - or "accept with reservations" - five of seven tax increases being discussed in Olympia.

According to the survey:
Seventy-eight percent would accept an increase in the cigarette tax.
Sixty-one percent would be OK with a temporary increase on the state sales tax by one cent for two years.
Fifty-four percent would accept a tax on Internet downloads.
Fifty-one percent would accept an increase in the sales tax to pay for reducing public school class sizes.
Fifty-one percent would accept a hike in the car tab tax to pay for transportation improvements.

Only two proposals didn't see majority "acceptance" : a plan to extend the sales tax to professional services like doctors and architects and a proposed increase in the state's controversial business and occupation tax.

The survey of 405 registered voters was conducted March 7-9 and has a margin of error of 5 percent.

There had better be another plan because citizens are furious that the Democrat controlled legislature's only plan for the huge budget deficit they created is to take more money from you through taxes.

Be warned: a revolt is brewing among the people and you will tax us at your own peril.

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