Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leading in Self-Inflicted Wounds

Governor Chris Gregoire made a rare appearance testifying before a state legislative committee in Olympia yesterday urging them to pass a state Cap and Trade bill.

She asserted that Washington needs to lead in shaping a cap-and-trade program.

The bill that was passed last week by Democrats in the State Senate was not strong enough, according to Gregoire, so she urged the House committee "to strengthen the bill by limiting the amount of pollution industries can emit, and by continuing to work with a regional initiative to curb global-warming pollution." - Seattle Times

The reality of a Cap and Trade bill would be very different from what Governor and Democrats will describe to you.

The reality is it's an enormous energy tax that will hit everyone at every economic level.

It will further cripple businesses. And, since China and India have no interest in participating, it will amount to a huge self-inflicted wound on our ability to be competitive.

The Chronicle made that point in their op-ed State Economy Doesn't Need Cap-and-Trade stating:

"Cap & Trade legislation will increase the cost of energy and put our state's businesses at a competitive disadvantage when attempting to retain or attract jobs with states that do not have cap-and-trade regulations.

In light of today's economic environment and the need for jobs in this state, this legislative session is clearly not the time to be the leader on cap-and-trade."

The only thing Cap and Trade is leading in is insanity.

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