Monday, March 23, 2009

Stand Up For Marriage Rally Speech

It is for a most important reason that we have left our homes, our families, our work today to be here in Olympia. It is because we value traditional marriage – marriage between one man and one woman for life.

We are here because we understand that marriage and family is the foundation and fundamental institution of our society, and it must be defended and protected at any cost.

I want to be very clear about one thing – last week when the Washington State Senate voted for homosexual marriage – that wasn’t the end. Oh no my friends, this issue isn’t over…none of this is over.

It is just the beginning! The battle to defend marriage is just beginning.

And I’m going to really rock your world here today and tell you the battle to defend marriage begins with you.

Now when I say that, I don’t want any of you turning around looking for who it is I’m pointing at. I’m pointing at you!

It is just the beginning, and it begins with you.

I only have a few minutes so I need you to listen carefully and I’m going to tell you how protecting marriage begins with you.

If I could hand each one of you something right now it would be a small mirror….as a reminder….

So anytime you are tempted to ask “why doesn’t someone do something about this?” you would remember this mirror…and you would remember that “doing something about this” begins with you.

And here’s how…

First - Protecting marriage begins with repentance – YOU repenting. I’m talking about personal repentance - a genuine sorrow over sin. Not sin in general…but for MY sin. If we want to be a nation that is blessed by God we need a firestorm of revival to sweep our nation, and for that to happen we must first be a people of repentance - personal repentance.

Look in the mirror….and remember….repentance begins with you!

Second - Protecting marriage begins with prayer – YOU praying.

Prayer injects the very presence of the living God into my life, into my home, into my marriage, and my family. When I pray for “His will to be done” that must begin in my life. From there as prayer moves outward it become intersession for my community, for my state, for my nation, for my world.

Look in the mirror…and remember…prayer begins with you!

Third - Protecting marriage begins with vigilance – YOUR vigilance!

Oh people, you are here today because you care about marriage….and you should. It is so very important.

But if you truly had any idea of the decisions that are made every day of every legislative session in this very building…and how those decisions affect every facet of your lives – of your faith, your freedom, your homes, your children, your work, your property – you would be so much more attentive…and informed…and engaged…and involved in who is elected to represent you. You would be vigilant. It is your responsibility.

Marriage brought you hear today. By Gods grace may it be just the spark…that begins the flame…that builds a fire of you truly grasping what is at stake and what is your responsibility in government. It is your duty.

Look in the mirror….and remember…vigilance begins with you!

Fourth - Protecting marriage begins with doing something – YOU doing something!

Nothing will ever happen if we don’t do something.

I know you are busy. I know you have other obligations and responsibilities in your life, but by God’s grace and in His strength we must… each one of us…stand and speak Truth to the issues of our day. And work…work very hard to build a voice for Truth in our culture!

I have been working in Olympia on issues for a long time now – for over 25 year I have been engaged as a citizen in political action, and I’m going to be honest, it’s not easy. And sometimes I just get weary…and sometimes it all just feel too big, and too hard.

But I can’t let my mind go there, not for even one moment I can’t…because there is truth – God’s truth – that is at stake. And I know with everything in me that when God’s truth is not upheld in the laws of a nation it hurts everyone. But when God’s truth is affirmed, and respected, and upheld in law it blessed every person…it blesses every culture….every time.

And because I know that, I have no choice but to speak, and stand, and act, and press on! This is God’s call on my life as a believer. It is your call.

So when Truth is challenged don’t look around for someone to do something.

Look in the mirror….and remember…doing something begins with you.

I want to leave you with a promise from Scripture – a great a precious promise. A sure Word…because God said it: “I am with you!”

If there is nothing else you leave here with today I hope it is that promise that settles on your heart and in your mind. God is with us.

And may He bless every effort to defend marriage in Washington State…for His Glory.

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Beautiful Cindy! :)