Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creating And Funding Your Crisis

Taxpayer dependants – those who are paid with money other people work to earn – are trolling WA citizens to figure out just who to raise taxes on to fund their massive budget deficit.

The state hospital association, community clinics, Group Health, the Washington Education Association and SEIU each put up $20,000 in their search for approximately $2 billion in new taxes.

“All of us felt that the (state budget) cuts, without revenue, are so devastating, especially to health care and education, that it would be irresponsible, immoral and unconscionable not to consider whether to raise revenues,” revealed a spokesperson from the hospital association.

While they won’t share the polling data, they will say the results gathered over the past month suggest that the public has no idea how deep state budget cuts could go, and when told, voters seem willing to pay for some taxes to offset those cuts.

“People are aware that there’s a huge budget shortfall, but they don’t know what’s at risk. When they hear what’s at risk, they’re stunned.”

The coalition is also preparing a campaign to convince voters just how much they really want to support the planned tax hike.

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