Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let The Debate Begin

Americans everywhere are reeling from one blow after the other being leveled at them by Democrats in control of our government. As they shove their policy through the force of law down our throats at what could only be described as “ludicrous speed” all we are left with are the devastating consequences.

Well, I have a few questions:

Where is the transparency they promised? Even they aren't reading what they're passing.

Where is the discussion and open exchange of ideas? No time for that now – we can’t waste a crisis

What about "We the People"? Uhhhhh….what people?

We are quickly learning that with lopsided power comes lopsided rule, and the tragic loss of free and open debate.

Well, if their ideas are that great then let them stand up to the light of public scrutiny and debate.

There are solutions that would elevate all citizens and empower everyone with freedom and the ability to prosper. And there are principled leaders in both Washington’s working relentlessly to bring these solutions to the people.

They know that true economic recovery is built on policy that gets out of our way, that controls government, curbs spending, creates private sector jobs, lowers taxes for everyone, controls debt and is built on tried and true principles of freedom and free enterprise.

One blueprint for such a plan is now outlined in "Republican Road to Recovery", a substantive, comprehensive budget alternative that will soon be introduced on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Instead of massive government and spending, this plan ensures that the federal budget cannot grow faster than family budgets. What a concept!

Instead of raising taxes on every citizen in the midst of a recession this plan would reduce the crippling tax burden on working families and small businesses unleashing the potential of the private sector in creating jobs and unlock private capital.

This plan would keep energy and fuel costs low, end the era of bailouts and reform the financial system.

A substantive debate about how to get the economy growing again must be allowed to unfold.

Principled leaders continue to work for the freedom to offer better solutions that are built on the time-honored principles of fiscal responsibility and growth, and every American deserves to hear and have the opportunity to engage in the process.

So read the alternative to what the Democrats are shoving and let the debate begin.

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