Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Olympia Debates State Economy Killer

There's never a dull moment in Olympia during session, and a major dose if citizen-reality is needed there right now!

After fighting Cap and Trade at a national level we are facing the mother-of-all-battles here in Washington State stopping the Governor and her Democrat minions as they plan to bind our state to a ridiculous environmental notion they call Cap and Tax.

Today in Olympia the Senate Environment, Water and Energy Committee held a public hearing on Senate Bill 5735 which would create a regional Cap-and-Tax program. Not only is this bill bad for consumers, but it will directly and adversely affect every job, and our States overall economy.

“Since July, Washington has lost more than 24,000 jobs. Under cap-and-tax the cost of electricity, natural gas, fuel – and any product made or transported in Washington will skyrocket”, stated Sen. Jerome Delvin. “It’s an economy-killer. Our small businesses can barely keep their doors open now. Jobs are hanging by a thread.”

“This is not about the environment; it’s about the state getting more tax money – and this bill will give government the mother lode."

“I am against this bill because the consequences of this cap-and-tax scheme will be significantly higher electricity bills, higher costs for gasoline and heating fuel, and higher prices for all goods in the economy generally. Why would we punish families by supporting this type of irresponsible, job-killing legislation?” added Sen. Janéa Holmquist.

Call 1.800.562.600 and let your elected leaders know what you think about Cap and Tax – Senate Bill 5735 and House Bill 1819.

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