Friday, February 13, 2009

Democrats Break Their Word to Pass Stimulus Bill

Let's shine a little light on exactly how liberals' break their word to conduct their dirty business.

On the evening of February 10th, 2009, the House unanimously passed legislation which would require a 48-hour period wherein the legislation would be posted on the Internet before any votes.

However, Democrat leaders Pelosi and Reid then kept the text of the bill concealed, even from lawmakers, until less than 24 hours before the scheduled vote today. Lobbyist, however were given access.

The final conference bill doubled the size of the Senate-passed bill and amounted to a whopping 1,071 pages...and it was deliberately kept from the people so the Democrats could conduct their treachery with as little public scrutiny as possible.

I guess it's all in how you define "hope" and "change" Apparently Democrats "hope" you weren't watching while they "changed" the rules to pass their bill.

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