Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dirty Little Secret

House Democratic leaders now say they'll likely propose sending voters a tax package this year to help deal with a staggering shortfall in the state budget.

Republican leaders have warned since the legislative session began that there would be a Democrat proposal to create a new tax, increase an existing tax or eliminate certain tax breaks were all possible considering their current control of the entire legislative process in Olympia.

Despite the Governor's election promise not to raise taxes and the Democrat plan to use federal stimulus tax monies to cover their debts this is the first indication they are opting to develop a tax increase measure for the ballot.

"We're starting to get the impression that even with the federal stimulus, the budget shortfall will be much greater than what the governor was facing when she wrote her budget," Democrat Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown stated Wednesday adding she expects to bring ballot-measure ideas to her caucus for consideration.

Republicans contends the state would not be in such deep trouble if Democrats had not increased state spending by more than 30 percent in the past four years and citing their current mess as obviously self-inflicted.

But dirty little secrets can only be hidden so long, and right now they are coming out everywhere in Olympia. Stay tuned.

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