Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Give Senators a Jolt of Citizen Reality Now!


In the light of public scrutiny the Democrat stimulus bill is being exposed for what it is – a government grab of money and power at the expense of taxpayers and freedom.

Senate Democratic leaders conceded yesterday that they do not have the votes to pass the stimulus bill as currently written and said that to gain bipartisan support, they will seek to cut provisions that would not provide an immediate boost to the economy.

The stimulus package has now tripled from its post-election estimate of about $300 billion, and in recent days lawmakers in both parties have grown wary of the swelling costs.

This represents the first major test for President Obama and his newly expanded and ultra aggressive Democratic Congress.

Unfortunately our two Senators still need a jolt of citizen reality. Call them and let them know what you think of the Democrat Stimulus bill.

Maria Cantwell - (202) 224-3441
Patty Murray - (202) 224-2621

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