Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life: No Compromise

The Republican Party has always been the pro-life Party.

In response to Roe vs Wade, the 1976 Republican National Convention adopted a resolution in support of efforts to secure a human life amendment to the Constitution.

Then in 1990 an aggressive effort surfaced to remove that pro-life plank from the Republican platform.

In response, Phyllis Schlafly founded The Republican National Coalition for Life to protect and defend the Republican Party's principled commitment to legal protection for all innocent human beings, from conception until natural death.

Once again RNC-Life has successfully preserved a pro-life platform for Republicans.

"The platform committee was unwilling to compromise on its abortion plank to accommodate McCain's views on the issue.

As a senator and presidential candidate, the Arizona Republican has said he opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest and threats to the life of the mother. For more than two decades the Republican Party has taken a harder line that would ban abortion with no exceptions.

Today, the subcommittee that addresses abortion voted unanimously to strip language in the draft that would soften its stance by calling on Republicans to work with Democrats to reduce abortions." 8.26.08

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