Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leaders and Losers

If I lived anywhere near DC I would be on my way to join the revolt for the people by House Republicans. I'm so pleased momentum continues to grow. So far 115 members have returned from vacation to join the protest - that's over half of the Republican caucus! Their battle cry: man up...come back do your job. Vote up or down on the energy bill - HR 6566.

So what will Pelosi's posse of D's do? Will they continue to vacation? Likely...and to their determent. The people they refuse to serve will see the stark contrast between leaders and losers, and while they watch they will be educated for the drama to come.

What will that be? ...the typical bait and switch you get from unprincipled politicians. Rep. Hoekstra nailed it today when he said “It’s going to be some sort of a figurehead vote that they can spin and say look, we’re allowing for more exploration or more drilling, but, in reality, it will not... It will be just enough to allow them to say 'look, I voted for a package', and then go home, and hopefully, from Speaker Pelosi’s point, to slide through November and make sure that nothing happens.”

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