Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Deceive, Deceive, Deceive

And here they go....

"Now anti-energy Democrats are trying to maneuver to a new position: They want to pretend to be for drilling just enough to win the election but not do anything to actually produce more oil and gas.

Senator Obama was the first to break. He began saying maybe he could accept some drilling in a comprehensive energy bill which would also include a lot of other things. He was sort of for nuclear power as long as it was not any time soon. He was for studying this and analyzing that.

Then Congressman Mark Udall announced that he was for a little bit of drilling in a few places as long as it was in a bill with a big tax increase. Finally, on Saturday, in their weekly radio address, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the Democrats would have drilling in a new energy bill.

Their New Anti-Energy Strategy: Deceive, Deceive, Deceive

But when you read beyond the headline of Speaker Pelosi's statement and get to the details, it is clear she is trying to maneuver to block the Republicans from having a straight up or down vote on a powerful energy bill. Since the original anti-energy Democratic strategy of "no, no, no" has collapsed they have moved to a new strategy of "deceive, deceive, deceive."

Their goal is to sound pro-energy just long enough to avoid defeat in the November elections while making sure that any legislation is hopelessly weak and has tax increases Republicans will oppose."

~ Newt Gingrich

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