Friday, April 10, 2009

Marketing Death

Before even assisted their first death backers of assisted suicide are busy setting the stage for phase two - forcing every doctor and medical facility to participate.

Political agenda needs a campaign. It must be 'marketed' to the public to raise awareness and invoke sympathy. From there it is carefully crafted to morph into whatever it must look like to result in support.

How does one market death? By using - using the most vulnerable and desperately ill patients, and heartbroken families in grief. Parading very personal, tragic stories before the public to 'market' their death agenda is ultimate cruelty.

This article in the News Tribune marks the beginning of their new Washington State campaign to 'market' their expanded death agenda by forcing physicians and health care facilities to participate.

Isn't it ironic that in marketing I-1000 to the voters of our state they used the mantra of ‘it’s my decision’. Yet on the other side of that vote it is personal choice that is the first casualty.

As with abortion, the intent was to first crack the door and then shove the door open to every potential death imaginable.

Hugh Anderson recently wrote this in the Montreal Gazette:

"Holland legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide three decades ago, first in practice and later by law.

Advocates said it would be limited to competent adults who are terminally ill and ask to be killed.

Then it was extended to competent adults with incurable illnesses or disabilities, although not terminally ill.

Then it was extended to competent adults who were depressed but otherwise not physically ill.

Then it was extended to incompetent adult patients like Alzheimer's sufferers, on the basis that they would have asked for death if they were competent.

And now it is legal for doctors in Holland to kill infants, if parents agree, if they believe their patients' suffering is intolerable or incurable.

This is a long way from the soothing image of an elderly person choosing with full understanding to die with dignity, assisted by compassionate relatives and friends."

And so it will go in Washington State if we allow it.

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