Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Giving Up Our Vote

In the midst of a "crisis" it is always interesting to watch what legislators in Olympia find to do with their time and power during the course of a legislative session.

While most of it is spent finding ways to pay for their spending sprees, they are also finding time for other noble endeavors such as granting civil rights to breast feeders and voting right to convicted felons, redefining marriage, and giving away your vote in the next presidential election.

Yes, I said giving away your vote for President. A high impact bill is being ushered right thru the legislative process by Democrats intent on changing the way we elect our President

There is a great article on this today in the Wenatchee World that is well worth a read...and after that a phone call.

This bill has passed the Senate and they intent to pass it in the House as well. Your vote for President is certainly worth a call to your legislators: 1.800.562.6000

I was once told by a State Senator that if we truly had any idea of the power of legislators over every facet of our lives we would be so much more discerning about who we elect, and vigilant over what they do while they are in Olympia.

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