Saturday, April 25, 2009

Democrat Corruption In Olympia!

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By Bob Clark


Dan Kristiansen from Snohomish County’s 39th Legislative District and Republican Leader in the Washington State House was stunned by one of the worst examples of corruption in the history of the State of Washington.

House Chair Seattle’s Frank Chopp was behind this latest example of “bipartisanship” from the corrupt and completely brain-dead Democratic Leadership.

Here is his wife Janis’ first report of a continuing deterioration of democracy in Washington State.


Corrupt Democrat Leadership in WA State

By Janis Kristiansen

Since NO ONE in the press is going to report this, I will. I just got off the phone with my husband, State Rep. Dan Kristiansen.

In summary, this is what he said.

At the beginning of session this year, the Democrats in control in the House changed the rules and eliminated the 24 hour rule from when the budget is introduced to when it can be voted upon. In the past, the budgets were rolled out for review, and no vote on any budget could happen until at LEAST 24 hours had passed, giving time for the minority party (read Republicans) to review the budget, and make an intelligent vote on it.

This morning, April 24, three days before the end of session, the Democrats announced that NO amendments to the capitol budget could be introduced after 3 pm today (most amendments are offered by the opposing party).

Guess when the Democrats released the capitol budget today, for the Republicans to get a first review of it? At 3:25pm, 25 minutes after cut-off for any amendments to be offered.

So, for the Republicans, NO amendments can be offered because the Democrats released the operating budget for the Republicans to see 25 minutes after the deadline for amendments to be accepted. This is CORRUPT.

The story is not over. The operating budget, separate from the capitol budget, was emailed to the Republicans this morning at 1:30 AM, early in the morning. It is several hundred pages.

The Democrats then said NO amendments were going to be allowed to the capitol budget after 12 noon today. So, in the middle of the night the Democrats release the capitol budget, and then announce no amendments are allowed after 12 noon, AND they are voting on this budget this afternoon.

This is the corrupt nature of the Democrats in control. How are Republicans supposed to vote yes or no on these budgets, hundreds of pages long, that spend approximately $34 billion dollars each biennium, when they are given no time to review it, or offer even hurried amendments to it?

The Democrats realize they have almost a super majority; so in essence, it’s OK to ignore the Republicans during the budget process.

According to Rep. Kristiansen this Operating Budget sets our state up for an approximate $10 billion shortfall in the 2011 biennium. This is outrageous!

Where is self-restraint? Where is responsibility? Where is the good stewardship of tax payer dollars?

Obviously not in Democrat hands.

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