Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jindal Leads "Louisiana Way Forward."

The first-term Republican governor Bobbie Jindal stakes out his fiscal position directly in what he calls the "Louisiana Way Forward."

"The Louisiana Way we are taking to move our state forward through these economic challenges is exactly opposite the Washington way," Jindal said.

"In Louisiana, when our revenue is down we really only have two choices -- raise taxes on our people or our businesses to keep government spending the same, or tighten our belt and find savings.

We will not raise taxes and balance the budget on the backs of the Louisiana people.

We will not follow Washington's lead and spend money we don't have or borrow money we can't pay back."

The governor's proposed spending plan will reflect recommendations made by two cost-cutting commissions, empaneled at Jindal's request. They were charged with identifying ways to reduce the size and cost of state government and public higher-education, while improving the efficacy of both.

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