Friday, August 14, 2009

Citizens Apply Pressure to the "Seat" of Legislative Arrogance - "We'll Meet With or Without You"

In her bio she describes herself as a "skilled public servant", but those who elected her would beg to differ. They had to actually corner her into being the public servant she touts - and their strategy was brilliant!

After a series of unsuccessful requests to arrange a town hall over the August recess with Democratic Congresswoman Betsy Markey (CO-4), citizens opted instead to host their own health care town hall in the congresswoman’s absence – complete with an empty chair and placard for the reticent Markey.

The Northern Colorado Townhall Committee, who say their objective is to “provide a forum” for the voters of Northern Colorado, announced today they would hold a health care town hall on August 25th, and extended an open invitation to Representative Markey.

“With the August recess nearly half way over, we can’t wait any longer,” said the group’s founder, Kelly Trosper. “When other Reps across the nation are adding extra meetings, we still don’t have a schedule from her.

This is a forum to discuss urgent topics, to include Health Care reform. We’re having to set one up ourselves, because our Rep isn’t making herself available.”

Well guess what? Following the public outcry Markey had a change of heart and her staff announced a town hall blitz of public forums on health care reform.

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