Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How's That "Hope & Change" Working Out For You??

This came across Facebook today and I think it's a creative, mysterious, truth-telling way to reach thousands of people around you everyday with the thought-provoking question "How's that "hope & change" working out for you?"

Can't fill your vehicle any more since it now costs over $100 and your credit card is stopped at that? How much has the price of your Cinnamon Burst Cheerios gone up in price? How many of your daily expenses have increased drastically over the past two years?

It's time for us to call attention to the financial impact Obama has had on us. Some friends in Georgia came up with a great idea how to do that and have fun at the same time. The vehicle - sticky notes!

We all have them, or can easily and inexpensively get them. Write on each one "How's that "Hope & Change" working for you?" and then place it where it will not impede the next customers ability to read information or price. We WANT to call attention to the price!

Those who shop after you will be reminded just how much the cost of living as increased since Obama took office.

What a great idea...and it's taking the nation by storm! Join the fun. Here's a Facebook link that will tell you more: "Hope & Change" Sticky Note Campaign

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dana said...

Hi Cindy, Apparently the sticky note crusade is going viral again or just beginning here, not sure which. One of the Cascade Conservative Chicks brought the idea to our meeting tonight after she heard about it on the internet. I guess it takes awhile for an idea to get across the country to the left coast!