Thursday, March 24, 2011

100 Ideas for Washington’s Future

Press Release

OLYMPIA (March 23, 2011) State Representative Mike Hope (R-Lake Stevens) officially launched a statewide initiative today to find the best ideas for Washington’s future. The nonpartisan initiative is called .

At a Capitol press conference Wednesday, Hope was joined by Democrat and Republican leaders from across the state who pledged to listen to the people of Washington to develop a long term agenda for the state’s future.

“As much as we as political leaders hope to achieve at the state Capitol, government alone is not the answer to the challenges, and opportunities, of the future. Government cannot build our economy. Government cannot inspire citizens,” Hope said.

“Instead, the energy and drive of our people will move our state forward,” Hope explained. “The four walls of the state Capitol, filled with politicians, lobbyists, special interests and political insiders, are not the sole repository of good ideas for Washington. Instead, the hardworking citizens who pay taxes and raise families are the true reservoir of great ideas for our state. And that’s why we are launching the 100 Ideas Initiative,” Hope said.

Through a series of town hall meetings and interaction with the state’s citizens, the 100 Ideas Initiative will develop a comprehensive vision for our future. The meetings are called “Idearaisers,” and they are the heart of the 100 Ideas program. Hope and other leaders will travel the state throughout 2011 to conduct the Idearaisers.

“People are familiar with politicians holding fundraisers where they solicit money,” Hope said. “At an Idearaiser, we won’t ask for your money. Instead, we ask only that you bring your good ideas for the future of our state.”

Hope also emphasized that the Initiative is “non-partisan. In fact, we are not interested in ‘Republican’ ideas or ‘Democrat’ ideas. We simply want good ideas – regardless of their source,” Hope said.

Citizens will also be encouraged to submit their ideas on the program’s website –

At the end of the year, the 100 Ideas Initiative will publish a book filled with 100 of the best ideas that emerge from across the state. The book will serve as a road map for policy makers.

Ideas submitted to the program will be evaluated by Hope and a bi-partisan team of advisors.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I wish our politicians in Ohio used this idea. Most politicians just solicite your money.