Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Someone Doing Something - Call and Encourage Them!

When someone does something we should do all we can to encourage them.

As the Democrats give us "a gift that keeps on giving" - mandated healthcare - for Christmas, two Senators are raising serious Constitutional questions and need to hear the support of the American people. Here is their contact info and I hope you will contact them.

Sen DeMint - 202.224.6121
Sen Ensign - 202.224.6244

From RedState:

There are serious issues about the constitutionality of the individual mandate portion on the Health Care bill Democrats are about to pass.

The federal constitution sets forth the limited powers of the federal government and not one of those powers seems to suggest that the Congress of the United States can compel the citizens of the nation to buy certain products.

Senators Jim DeMint and John Ensign are going to force a vote on the issue. Democrats will be forced to take a position on whether or not the federal government can force individuals to buy products on pain of criminal penalty.

“I am incredibly concerned that the Democrats’ proposed individual mandate provision takes away too much freedom and choice from Americans across the country,” said Senator Ensign.

“As an American, I felt the obligation to stand up for the individual freedom of every citizen to make their own decision on this issue. I don’t believe Congress has the legal authority to force this mandate on its citizens.”

“Forcing every American to purchase a product is absolutely inconsistent with our Constitution and the freedoms our Founding Fathers hoped to protect,” said Senator DeMint.

“This is not at all like car insurance, you can choose not to drive but Americans will have no choice whether to buy government-approved insurance.

This is nothing more than a bailout and takeover of insurance companies. We’re forcing Americans to buy insurance under penalty of law and then Washington bureaucrats will then dictate what these companies can sell to Americans.

This is not liberty, it is the tyranny of good intentions by elites in Washington who think they can plan our lives better than we can.”

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