Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Keeping You Blindfolded With Your Hands Tied Behind Your Back

As the American people become more vigilant at watching Congress, they apparently feel the need to restructure and manipulate the legislative process by any means necessary.

And as opposition to Obamacare grows they continue to advance their dirty work in aggressive but stealth ways, all the while neutralizing their constituents in what can only be described as blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs.

They want Obamacare, and they are willing to exclude you and anyone else who would stand in their way.

Fix Health Care Policy is an organization on the job for the people, and you need to plug into this resource right away. They released an alarming report today that you need to read "Congress's Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare". As the plot thickens so must our vigilance.

"The San Francisco Examiner published an editorial today that exposed the fact that the American people can't see the bill.

"When then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama promised not to sign major legislation until it had been posted on the Internet for public reading at least five days, trusting voters took him at his word. Now they know better.

Not only is the actual language of what is likely to become the main legislative vehicle for Obama's signature health care reform not available on the Internet, it hasn't been given to members of the key Senate committees or the Congressional Budget Office."

The procedure being used, in addition to the exclusion of the American people from the process, should be of grave concern to all who want to participate in democracy and have a say in Congress' health care debate that will touch one-sixth of the U.S. economy."

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