Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Obama Celebrates Ramadan Tonight

As it turns out our President has chosen to return from his vacation early in order to celebrate Ramadan at the White House tonight:

“In the evening, the President will host a dinner celebrating Ramadan and highlight the contributions of American Muslims in the State Dining Room."

How nice. It turns out that he is willing to celebrate some form of religion though he didn't find it necessary to participate in our National Day of Prayer activities in May.

From the Washington Times:

"President Obama is distancing himself from the National Day of Prayer by nixing a formal early morning service... For the past eight years, President George W. Bush invited selected Christian and Jewish leaders to the White House East Room, where he typically would give a short speech and several leaders offered prayers..."

Then in July the Pentagon blocked the traditional flyover at the God & Country Family Festival in Nampa as reported by KTVB News:

"More than four decades of tradition were changed this year at the God and Country Family Festival in Nampa. Typically, a military flyover is a highlight of the event, but this year it did not happen."

The group submitted all the usual forms and paperwork, had the approval of the FFA but was shut down by a shocking denial from the Pentagon citing the groups beliefs "which appear to endorse selectivity benefit or favor any special interest group, religious or ideological movement."

Event coordinators assumed an error and "called them immediately and just said, you know hey we've been doing this for 42 years, we've had flyovers, what is the problem? And they said, well we have looked up your Web site and everything on your Web site seemed to focus on Christianity, ministry booths. And he said, in fact, it sounds like it focuses on Christianity.

So I guess the new standard is if it has something to do with Christianity it will not be acknowledged or respectfully observed.

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