Thursday, July 23, 2009

Act Now on Obama Health Care

Barack Obama has launched his full court press to get his socialized ObamaCare passed before the August recess.

First, like an angry "father", he took Democrat Blue Dogs to the woodshed at a White House closed door meeting. To no one's surprise, they emerged over two hours later having "struck a deal" behind closed doors that is even WORSE...

The new "deal" would give an outside panel even more
power and control over tough healthcare cost decisions --
allowing Congress and the President to "pass the buck"
when healthcare costs skyrocket and rationing is enforced!

It is outrageous that members of Congress are putting politics ahead of the needs of this country -- and then passing the buck to an outside panel!

But this fight is far from over. Bloggers are reporting that many in Congress are still resisting ObamaCare, its $1 trillion price tag, the so-called "public option" that destroys private sector health insurance and the oppressive mandate on small business with as few as nine employees.

And many members are openly saying that Obama's artificial August deadline cannot and should not be met!

It is clear that we are heading for a major showdown over the next two weeks. We must counter the intense pressure that is coming from the White House and liberal groups - Americans ARE saying "NO!" to socialized health care.

Action #1 -- call your Representative today and tell him or her you oppose socialized ObamaCare:

U.S. Representatives:

1st District: Jay Inslee - (202) 225–6311
2nd District: Rick Larsen - (202) 225-2605
3rd District: Brian Baird - (202) 225-3536
4th District: Doc Hastings - (202) 225-5816
5th District: Cathy McMorris Rodgers - (202) 225-2006
6th District: Norm Dicks - (202) 225-5916
7th District: Jim McDermott - (202) 225-3106
8th District: Dave Reichert - (202) 225-7761
9th District: Adam Smith - (202) 225-8901

Talking Points:

· I oppose the President's socialized healthcare plan.
· I do not want the government to have more control and influence over my health care. That is why I reject the so-called "public option" which is really socialized health care and will destroy private options.
· American's cannot afford the $1.5 trillion price tag of socialized health care during these difficult economic times.
· I flatly reject any health care proposal that increases costs or imposes new taxes on any American.

Obama knows his socialized ObamaCare plan is in trouble. That's why he took key Democrats to the woodshed yesterday. And that's why he went on national TV.

Action #2 -- Call the White House Today!

Obama is ramping up the pressure to get his socialized ObamaCare passed so let's flood the White House with calls opposing ObamaCare!

White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414

White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111

[Alert information from Grassfire]

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