Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Open Letter to Senator Franklin

Despite the fact that Washington voters have rejected a state income tax proposal eight times, legislators continue to use every occasion to promote this devious tax schemes to the public.

Senator Rosa Franklin has once again lent her voice to this madness going so far as to call it "inevitable" and merely a "structural change in the way we generate revenue". Right!

I am responding with this open letter to her:

Dear Senator Franklin,

I am done with it! I am done with legislators spending my money and continually plotting how to take even more from my family.

A state income tax? It's not going to happen.

While my reality is a reduction in monthly income in an economy that already takes more of what we work so hard for, incredibly you continue to scheme how to take even more of what you haven’t even earned. That’s just wrong and you know it. You may not like it, but you know it.

Like a stubborn, rebellious child you whine for more money when there simply isn’t any more in my pocket.

You’re working on the wrong end of the problem but refuse to go there.

Spending is the problem - your spending! I think I’m going to stop calling you “legislators” and start calling you what you are – “spenders”. You take too much and you spend too much!

There is a deep discontent brewing among the taxpayer of our state, and there is an amazing disconnect with you spenders. The injustice of your “tax and spend” mindset is catching up with you.

The relentless quest to take more will be met with an equally relentless quest to stop the taking. It’s now literally a matter of survival in this economy.

Read my lips – NO STATE INCOME TAX! Now buck up and deal with it.

Cindy Honcoop


Poindexter Prometheus Parkenfarker said...

Well Put, Cindy.

May I link you with the 'good guys' on my sy side bar?

It's good to see more conservative writers here in the county.

Cindy said...