Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Vote By Mail Fraud

Here's the latest Washington State vote-by-mail ballot fraud reported by Stefan Sharkansky:

Of 653,462 King County absentee ballots that were mailed on time, roughly 7,400 were rejected for mismatched signatures -- a stunning 1.1%

Roughly 3,300 of the rejected signatures were "cured" by the voters who had to submit affidavits. The other 4,130 votes (0.63% of returned mail ballots) were thrown in the trash because election workers decided that the signature on the envelope didn't match the signature on file.

Ballot forgery can and does happen. But I would find it hard to believe that the number of forged ballots approaches 1% of the total cast.

I've documented numerous cases of non-matching signatures accepted and matching signatures rejected. If 3,300/7,400 ballots are known to be wrongly rejected, God only knows how many are wrongly accepted.

Can anybody in a position of responsibility finally admit that "signature verification" in a vote-by-mail scenario doesn't provide the security and accuracy that voting requires?

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Lisa Michaels said...

I am down here in Oregon cursed with all vote by mail for the past many years. Please try and recruit poll watchers at King County Elections as soon as the ballots are sent out. After observing 4 elections here it is my opinion that this convenient vote by mail was proposed by those that wish to control our vote. Here is how I believe they are accomplishing this:
1. Stuffing the voter registration statewide data bases with fictitious or ineligible voters ie: illegal aliens, cartoon characters, pets, children and of course the dearly departed)
a.This was facilitated by changes to election law implemented through HAVA Help America Vote Act
and Motor Voter.
2. These fraudulent registrations are sent many times to a secondary mailing address to be picked up and signed by those that fraudulently signed the registration cards in the first place so of course their signatures will match.
Check out my videos on my blog to learn more about vote-by-fraud.