Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Top-Down Problem

I just received the WA House Republican press release regarding the election of their new leadership team. Rep Richard DeBolt - Chehalis was re-elected as House Republican Leader.

His statement reads: “Our state has been under one-party control since 2005. Today, we have the largest budget deficit in state history, health insurance costs are at an all time high, and education and transportation systems face unprecedented challenges”.

He then adds: “These problems are too big for one party to solve and the best public policy comes from the center."

Say what??

And then, few paragraphs later, he laments about Republican being outspent three-to-one during this election cycle.

I would like to draw a correlation between those three things for Rep. DeBolt to help him clear things up a bit.

First, it is the liberal-left policies of Democrats that have resulted in all the "challenges" he lists.

Second, when Republicans continually abandon principle by jumping to the middle they fail the people of our state and the party they were elected to represent.

Third, the lack of money he laments about is a direct reflection of Republicans withholding their financial support from a party that has abandoned its priorities and principles.

Both voters and donors are sending this message. Is anybody listening?

Apparently this is a top-down problem.

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